Endúr Aquaculture is focused on the production of integrated concrete fleets for the aquaculture industry in Norway. Our main products are long life feed barges produced by Endúr Sjøsterk AS. These barges are designed for use in harsh environments and which are typically tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Indeed, close cooperation and interaction with our customers has helped to ensure the quality, flexibility and robustness of products demanded in a competitive market.


Endúr Aquaculture, through Endúr Sjøsterk, can demonstrate a comprehensive production of concrete fleets for the aquaculture industry for several decades. The company also has extensive experience in the production of other floating concrete structures, such as work rafts, post-smolt facilities, storage and service rafts etc.

Production Facilities

The operational activity is focused at Stamsneset by Grimstadfjorden, south of Bergen City, where facilities include a modern fabrication shop and an upgraded dry dock of 22x90 meters, which facilitates simultaneous production of up to three feed barges, depending on the size of each barge.

The Market

For several decades, Endúr has produced and supplied Sjøsterk fleets to the aquaculture industry along the entire Norwegian coast where fish farming is undertaken, from Rogaland in the south to Finnmark in the north. The customer list includes both local companies and large, listed aquaculture corporations.

Fast production line and long life

Endur Aquaculture delivers high quality concrete structures with flexible solutions and a fast production time. This helps keep our customers' operating and maintenance costs at a predictable and low level. The fleets are designed and manufactured to be used in operations for at least 50 years. Great emphasis is therefore placed on designing and building fleet solutions with the potential for flexible applications that can be adapted to new and future needs in the aquaculture industry.

Large product range

Endur Aquaculture's Sjøsterk fleets vary in size and usually have a loading capacity of 300-600 tons of feed. In addition, the customer can choose different solutions and requirements related to other storage space, silage capacity, office/cabin/crew compartments etc. The fleets are adapted to the necessary conditions in all weather and wave conditions where it is possible to farm fish. We work with a number of subcontractors on all key equipment components, and our feed fleets are supplied with the equipment that the customer wishes to include.