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Sjøsterk is a leading manufacturer of integrated concrete rafts for the aquaculture industry in Norway. The feed rafts are developed for vulnerable and demanding environments, and are tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

Fast production time and long life

Fast production time and high quality characterize Sjøsterk. This helps keep operating and maintenance costs for our customers at a predictable and low level. The fleets design and manufacture to be able to be used in operational operations for at least 50 years.

Large product range

The naval fleets vary in size, and usually have a cargo capacity of 300 – 700 tonnes. The customer can choose different solutions and needs related to other storage space, silage capacity, office / cabin / crew departments, etc. The fleets are adapted to the conditions required in relation to all weather and wave conditions where it is possible to farm.

Long sailing time

For several decades, Sjøsterk has produced and delivered Sjøsterk fleets to the aquaculture industry along the entire Norwegian coast where farming is conducted, from Rogaland in the south to Finnmark in the north. The customer list includes both local companies and large listed aquaculture groups.

Contact Endúr Sjøsterk

+47 926 52 063
Stamsneset Industriområde,
5252 Søreidgrend, Norway

Contact Persons

Svein Ådland

Svein Ådland

Managing director

+47 45 39 47 89