Tom Einar Buer (53) has been appointed as new managing director of ØPD, a company in the Endúr Group. Buer has already started working in the company.

– ØPD is a company with a huge potential. I want to help realize this potential, says the new managing director of ØPD, Tom Einar Buer.

ØPD is a cornerstone company in Bamble municipality, and with its 125 employees, the company is also one of the largest employers. The foundation of the company has always been solid, and ØPD can refer to a good order book and market leading expertise in its key business areas.
– Now, we look ahead. Operations will be adjusted to ensure strong deliveries in the end. ØPD will once again be a healthy and well-run cornerstone company, says Buer.

For the past 13 years, Buer has worked with automation and product development in the company Cody, located in Skien. He has broad experience in design and project management. At the same time as he has extensive experience in calculating complex and demanding assignments. This competence will be crucial when ØPD now are going to secure its position as one of the largest and most important employers in Bamble municipality.
– We have both the competence and the customers. We will now work hard to establish a structure and a culture that makes ØPD a profitable company, says Buer.

He is convinced that it is a great advantage for ØPD to be part of the Endúr Group.
– ØPD fits in well with the strategy of Endúr. As part of a vital industrial group, we now have the muscles to take on even larger assignments. The group can also provide us with more work. Together with Endúr, we will strengthen ØPD as an important employer in Bamble, says Buer.

CEO of Endúr ASA, Hans Petter Eikeland, is very pleased that they have appointed a permanent managing director in ØPD, with close links to the local environment in the area.
– Tom Einar is highly motivated, and he has the right background. Over several years he has shown a strong implementation ability, and at the same, he is able to find new solutions to demanding challenges. Combined with good technical understanding and control at all levels, I am convinced that he is the right man for the job. I look forward to the continuation, says Eikeland.

Tom Einar Buer, managing director of ØPD can be reached at: +47 – 902 11 660