Endúr Inspection Services

We can provide a variety of inspection services within our workshop or on site. In addition to own personnel, equipment and facilities we have long term relationship with specialists within many other type of inspection related services.

Our latest addition to Inspection Services is the utilisation of Drones for visual inspection and information capture. This may be tailored to suite each individual client needs and requirements. See more about Drones further down on this page.


NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

  • MPI
  • Dye-Pen
  • PMI
  • Hardness test
  • Visual

Electronic measurement

  • Measurment on site / offshore
  • Product measurement

Tools and equipment hire

PWHT (heat treatment)

Leak detection

  • Drone IR camera

Drone Inspection

Falcon 8

Our Falcon 8 drone has eight rotors which makes it very safe and stable, and has a high stay-up capability with redundancy in all components. Our inspections are performed by use of camera with high resolution, 30x optical zoom and IR sensor.

The use of drone for inspections is risk and cost reducing, and gives the possibility to increase the inspection quality for our clients.

We offer drone inspection in several areas both onshore and offshore. We can offer inspection of flare tips, inspection under platform deck, inspection of all type of construction and survey offshore, documentation of lifting operations, inspection of wind mills, power line inspection, rooftop inspections and property photo.

Drone services are well connected to a large and experienced engineering environment for handling inspection results and providing reports to our clients.

The service is based upon approval by Civil Aviation Authority – Norway in category RO3 for unmanned aerial vehicle.



  • Flare Inspection
  • Inspection under platform deck
  • Wind mill inspection
  • Video documentation of critical (lifting) operations


  • Flare inspection
  • Chimney inspection
  • Wind mill inspection
  • Power line inspection
  • Internal tank inspection (vessels)
  • Geographic survey

Time and Material

Individual tailored assignment. Based upon time and material. Pilot hours, preparation, equipment lease and report production etc.

Fixed price

Defined operations with predefined report format. For example:

1.Offshore 3 days, pilot plus engineer and equipment

2.Onshore full day, pilot plus engineer and equipment

3.Onshore simple assignment, 3 hours

Frame agreement

Based upon response time and predefined operations. Presented with a service catalogue with fixed prices.

Regular inspection

Regular schedule – lump sum. Based upon duration from 12 months and onwards.


We offer very competitive rates both for onshore and offshore assignments. Contact us at: Fabricom AS, Kanalsletta 3, 4033 Stavanger

E-mail: Drones@engie-fabricom.no

Tel: (+47) 51879000 Mobile: (+47) 98691794