Endur ØPD is proud to announce that at new water & sewage line between Nesodden and Asker successfully has been installed. This might be one of the most challenging and complicated installations in 2020 with a length of total 6500 meter to a maximum water depth of 100 meters.

Sections of 1500 meters were ballasted and pre-parked on the seabed on the Nesodden side.  The team needed pick these sections up, weld the sections together to a line, float the line to the right position and accurately deflate/lower the line to a defined position on seabed. All this had to be done with a great accuracy and awareness with respect to wind, weather and other traffic on the fjord.

18 different types of vessels and an installation team of over 32 men made it happen.

“We are very proud of the team and the success of the operation. An operation like this demands great knowledge and skills. This success confirms our position as a leading contractor within our segment” says Arne Roland CEO of ØPD AS.