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Marcon awarded several climate contracts worth SEK 172 million in Stockholm

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June 1, 2022 – Stockholms Vattenentreprenader AB (“Sventab”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Endúr-owned Marcon, has been awarded several significant contracts in the central Stockholm region.

In central Stockholm, Sventab will build an outlet pipe for the new Östberga tunnel. Limited capacity in existing pipe networks has meant that in the event of heavy rainfall, it has sometimes been necessary to discharge the wastewater untreated. Future climate change means more heavy rain, at the same time as sea levels are expected to rise, which will also contribute to weakening the capacity of the water mains.
– The new tunnel separates the surface water from the treatment plant’s wastewater, which means that we avoid discharging untreated wastewater in the event of heavy rain. The tunnel will thus be part of the city’s necessary climate adaptation for the future, says CEO of Marcon, Jørn Ryberg.

The new Östberga tunnel is being built from northern Hammarbyhöjden and runs under Hammarbybacken, Sickla canal, Sickla cape, Värmdöleden, Henriksdalsberget and then empties into Saltsjön by Finnboda. There, Sventab builds two (2) 180 meters long outlet pipes in steel with a diameter of approximately 2.4 meters. The client is Veidekke Entreprenad AB / Stockholm Vatten AB. Ordering and production of pipeline starts Q2 2022 and other work on site starts Q3 2023.

Through Drottningholmssundet, Sventab is building a 1,5 kilometer long main water pipeline from Lovön to Kärsön. The pipeline is one of around 20 sections and an important part of the big puzzle to ensure the delivery of cleaner drinking water in Stockholm.
– The main water pipeline that we are building in Drottningholmssundet is part of a new pipeline that in the future will go from Lovö waterworks to Trekanten’s water tower. The main water pipeline network, the drinking water pipelines between the waterworks and the water towers, must be upgraded and expanded to secure the drinking water for the future. This is a complex but necessary work, says Ryberg.

– The award of the new contracts is a confirmation and recognition of the good work that is done in Marcon every day, and includes tasks that our organization has a long history of mastering very well. In line with our expectations, the market continues to be strong for the marine infrastructure segment across national borders, says CEO of Endúr ASA, Jeppe Raaholt.

The client is Stockholm Vatten AB. Ordering materials starts Q2 2022 and on-site work starts Q3 2022.

For further comments, contact:
Jørn Ryberg, CEO Marcon Gruppen: +46 (0) 70 55 256 20
Jeppe Raaholt, CEO of Endúr ASA: +47 97 66 97 59

Einar Olsen, interim CFO of Endúr ASA: +47 924 01 787

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