Issuer name: Endúr ASA
Ex. date: 16 November 2021
Type of corporate action: Repair offering
This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Oslo Rule Book II – Issuer Rules.

For further information, please contact:
Media: Jeppe Råholt, CEO of Endúr, tel: +47 976 69 759
Investors: Lasse B. Kjelsås, CFO of Endúr, tel: +47 908 49 772

About Endúr ASA
Endúr ASA (OSE: ENDUR) is a leading supplier of construction and maintenance projects and services for marine infrastructure, including facilities for land-based aquaculture, quays, harbours, dams, bridges and other specialised concrete and steel projects. The company and its subsidiaries also offer a wide range of other specialised project and marine services. Endúr ASA is headquartered in Bergen, Norway.