Fabrication Services

Fully equipped workshops.

Fabrication services include:
• Piping
• Steel structures
• Modules / skids

Our fabrication facilities are centrally located at the Norsea Base at Dusavik, close to the company’s main office in Stavanger.

Workshops and storage facilities are organised separately to handle a variety of materials including, carbon, stainless, titan and duplex qualities.

The workshops are fully equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to provide products which meet customers’ demands with respect to quality, delivery and cost effectiveness.

In addition to a wide range of welding machines, ENGIE Fabricom’s equipment includes advanced cold bending machines and laser measurement equipment.

Machining, NDT, surface protection including fireproofing and insulation are provided by a cluster of subcontractors located close to the ENGIE Fabricom premises.

All work is conducted in accordance with the highest HSE and quality standards including requirements set forth in the EU Pressure Equipment Directive.

ENGIE Fabricom’s skilled workforce includes the multidisciplinary competence and experience necessary to undertake interdisciplinary assignments such as process modules and skids.

Communication between construction and engineering staff is effectively organized through proximity to the engineering offices and electronic access to engineering, material and logistical data.

Facts & figures for the Stavanger workshop

Workshop, carbon material
Area  2,000m2 (L:66m, W:30m)
Door opening W:15m x H:10m
Crane capacity Overhead travelling crane, 50 ton, hook height: 10m
Overhead travelling crane, 20 ton, hook height: 10m

Workshop, noble materials
Area  1,100m2 (L:59m, W:18m)
Door opening  W: 3m x H:4m
Crane capacity Overhead travelling crane, 2 EA x  10 ton, hook height: 6m

Workshop, hydrostatic testing  
Area 250m2
Door opening W:7.5m x H:8m

Workshop, others
Machining, NDT and Surface protection services are provided by a cluster of local subcontractors

Storage areas
Outdoor area 20,000m2
Indoor area 1,000m2

Office facilities
Area 350m2
Offices fully equipped with PC and software tool necessary to manage and control the production

Quay structures
Norsea Base, deepwater quay
Distance to workshops 200m
Width of access road 30m
Local heavy goods vehicles 300 tonnes
Workshop capacity > 200,000 manhours per year

Quality management system: NS-EN-ISO-9001
Environmental management system: NS-EN-ISO-14001
Qualification system: Achilles
Pressure equipment directive:  97/23/EC Module D1 & H
Quality requirements – welding:  NS-EN 729-2 (NS-EN ISO 3834)