Maintenance Services

Endúr Fabricom is an experienced and recognised contractor providing maintenance services that effectively combine construction and engineering. Endúr Fabricom delivers solutions providing value for our customers through;
– Improved HSE achievements
– Minimise system down-time
– Deliver within plan and budget

Endúr Fabricom has a proven record of accomplishment within the onshore and offshore industry in Norway. This experience combined with a continuous drive to deliver the best result in the safest possible way, have resulted in considerable efficiency improvements over the last years.

Expertise of the system/process is essential to be able to decide how to simplify. Utilising established routines and execution models lead to increased efficiency, high standards of safety and quality. Removing complicated processes and interfaces saves considerable amount of hours. We challenge supplier and client to seek “good enough” solutions, related to the age for the installation/plant, expected lifetime and purpose.

Endúr Fabricom has operators and project personnel with multi-discipline competence and expertise with combined positions, including technical and lead roles. This enables the project organization to be lean, flexible and scaled when required.

Endúr Fabricom can offer:

  • Maintenance (planning, engineering, prefab and installation)
  • Maintenance programs, classification, risk identification, life time analysis
  • Inspection, monitoring, execution of maintenance
  • Campaign based, multidiscipline teams in rotation
  • Operational support
  • Modification assistance.

Endúr Fabricom can also provide maintenance resources. All personnel are verified towards the competence matrix and relevant experience to ensure correct mobilisation. We can offer:

  • Electrical, instrumentation and automation including, high voltage, fiber cable and instrument fitter.
  • Piping, structural and mechanical including, bolt tensioning, rigging, pressure testing and welding of all materials
  • Field management;
    • HSE manager
    • supervisor
    • commissioning manager
    • installation manager
    • Shut-down coordinator /manager
    • field engineer black/white trade
    • working foreman
  • Personnel for Emergency preparedness and lifeboat personnel
  • Construction management;
    • organizing, facilitating and monitoring of prefabrication
    • installation and 3rd party services
  • Maintenance engineering;
    • Analysis; RCM, RCA, FMCA, ROS, and SIL
    • Material technology
    • Inspection and corrosion management – RBI, NDE/NDT.

Fully equipped workshops (see more details here)

  • Fabrication services include
  • Piping
  • Steel Structures
  • Modules / skids
  • Carbon material, noble materials
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Machining, NDT and surface protection services are provided by a cluster of local subcontractors
  • Storage areas: outdoor 7000m2 , indoor 700m2, with the possibility to expand on a need basis
  • Deep-water quay