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ELOP signs collaboration agreement with ENDÚR AAK

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ELOP has signed a commercial collaboration agreement with Endur AAK, a company which is specialized in rope access technology in combination with maintenance and modification work.

ENDÚR AAK is a market leader in rope access technology as part of inspection, repair and maintenance of critical infrastructure. ENDÚR AAK has expressed their interest in using ELOP’s technology when the solution is ready in the market. The agreement defines a commercial cooperation with an intention to deliver and deploy ELOP’s technology into Endúr AAK’s services beginning of next year.

– Our services, combined with their innovative inspection tools, are a perfect match, says CEO of ENDÚR ASA, Hans Petter Eikeland.

ELOP AS a Norwegian technology company who has developed and is pioneering new solutions revealing the internal of structure and condition of concrete. The information is collected by using ELOPs patented ultrasound technology and digital solutions visualizing the state and analyzing results over time.

– In short, they have developed a scanner that identify defects and weaknesses in concrete. The market for the technology is huge. There are countless bridges, quays, buildings and installations offshore where one does not necessarily know the actual condition of the structure. One of the challenges when inspecting and maintaining these structures is to get access. This is our special field, and the collaboration agreement means that we now combine ELOP’s innovative technology with ENDÚR’s expertise in access technology, inspection and maintenance, says Managing Director of ENDÚR AAK, Rune Sele.

– This agreement means a lot to us and is an important step towards a launch of our technology into the market. With ENDÚR’s expertise and services, I strongly believe our technology could enable ENDÚR to expand their range of services to this market, says Kjersti Kanne, CEO at ELOP.

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Hans Petter Eikeland, CEO, Endúr ASA: 932 08 177

Rune Sele, director  Endúr Aak: 91892 615

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