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Repstad Anlegg AS, with subsidiaries Sandås Anlegg AS, Leif Hodnemyr Transport AS, Agder Marine AS and Breakwater AS have a long and successful track record in construction projects along the waterfront, ranging from construction and rehabilitation of large and medium-sized quay and dam facilities to power stations. The Groups employees possesses extensive and broad expertise in managing complex and diverse projects. Repstad Anlegg is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, 9001, and 45001.

Special Projects

The Special Projects division at Repstad Anlegg have a vast experience with complex, multidisciplinary projects from the construction phase through to completion. With high coordination of diverse teams and specialists, we deliver everything from construction of concrete structures along the waterfront, where our specialists are skilled in establishing industrial quays and ferry docks on both mainland and islands, as well as rehabilitating existing quay infrastructures. Other deliverables includes executing complex projects in foundation and concrete work, such as constructing and refurbishing bridges, power stations, and dam facilities.

Marine Operations

The acquisition of Agder Marine AS in 2021 has strengthened our positions as a leading contractor for marine and nearshore projects. Our comprehensive service range includes concrete constructions, dredging, and underwater operations, with a focus on meeting client needs and adhering to strict safety and environmental standards. Our dedication to safety, reliability, and continuous innovation, combined with a versatile machinery fleet, empowers us to effectively address the demands of projects along the coastline.

Ground work

Repstad Anlegg has a long experience and extensive resources to manage diverse turnkey projects in Groundwork. Our skilled workforce, enables us to execute a broad spectrum of projects, from road constructions to the development of residential plots and large quay systems. We offer end-to-end solutions in water and sewage projects, alongside developing parks and sports facilities, always with an eye towards community well-being and environmental preservation.

Quarry operations

Repstad Anlegg is actively engaged in the extraction, processing, and sale of materials at our quarries located at Knibe, Klodeborg, Landvik, and Urdalen, showcasing our versatility and breadth of services within the construction sector.

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Bernt Olav Holen

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Hans Christian Loland


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