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Marcon Gruppen is Sweden’s leading supplier when it comes to marine infrastructure and marine services. The company has a wide range of services and operates in the Swedish market under the well-established brands Svensk Sjöentrepenad (SSE), Marcon Teknik (MTE), Dykab, Svenska Tundykargruppen (STDG), SVENTAB and Marcon Windpower.

Svensk Sjöentrepenad (SSE)

The company has for 40 years performed service, maintenance and new construction work in a marine environment. We have cutting-edge expertise in everything that has to do with ports, quays, piers, lighthouses, bridges and power plants. The company operates throughout Sweden and is represented with offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Ängelholm, Sölvesborg and Härnösand.

Marcon Teknik (MTE)

The company offers a wide range of services, with the main focus on underwater inspection, sea measurements, bridge inspection, dam safety, port maintenance in ports and acoustic measurements.

Stockholms Vattenentreprenader (SVENTAB)

The company has been working as a subsea contractor since the mid-1970s. We are a diving company based in Stockholm, but also perform diving assignments in other parts of the country. The company’s tasks consist of repairs and new productions of bridges, quays, sea pipelines, investigations and inspections.


Dykab, a second-generation family business with over 40 years of experience, operates across Sweden and the Nordic region, with its main office in Luleå and a branch in Frihamnen, Stockholm. Specializing in all types of maritime and diving contracts, both underwater and surface level, Dykab holds extensive expertise, serving a diverse clientele in both private and publis sector. The company also houses its own shipyard in Luleå, complete with a slipway and a mechanical workshop known as “Dykab Varv & Mek,” offering a wide range of engineering services from welding and machining to maintenance and repairs. Their services extend to bridge construction, maintenance, dredging, dry docking, salvage, dive inspections, consultations, underwater cable works, and sea transport, utilizing their fleet of ships and barges to transport a variety of goods.

Svenska Tungdykargruppen (STDG)

Svenska Tungdykargruppen, based in Dalarna, specialises in diving and dredging  operations in Sweden. With decades of experience in complex underwater tasks and water-related projects, our specialised team delivers services all across the country. As certified B-divers and skilled in operating heavy maritime machinery, we offer a vast array of services from bridge and quay construction to power plant repairs and pipeline installations. Our advanced equipment, including ROVs and sidescan sonars, supports our diverse project capabilities.

Marcon Wind Power

Marcon Wind Power AB has cutting-edge expertise in floating foundations for wind turbines in a marine environment.

Contact Marcon Gruppen

+46 (0)70 – 55 256 20
Ekhögsvägen 5, 262 74 Ängelholm, Sweden

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Kenneth Andersson

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