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BMO Entreprenør is one of Norway’s leading suppliers in rehabilitation of bridges, quays, dams and other concrete and steel structures. With almost 30 years of experience, we have built up broad expertise in our focus areas. BMO Entreprenør is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, 9001 and 45001.


BMO Entreprenør has over many years gained considerable expertise in rehabilitation and new construction on the country’s railway lines. We carry out major work on bridges, superstructures and tunnels for customers such as Bane NOR and Sporveien.


BMO performs new construction assignments in concrete and steel. In recent years, the company has, among other things, built and installed several bridges and steel structures on roads and railways. The work also includes groundwork such as excavation, blasting, plastering, retaining walls, installation of loose material struts and water and sewerage work.

Dam and power

BMO has cutting-edge expertise in the rehabilitation of concrete dam structures. Heavy expertise and long experience with construction work, rehabilitation of concrete and steel, as well as diving services, make the company a complete supplier for most assignments in the dam and power segment.


BMO has good expertise in scaffolding, sandblasting, metallization and painting. The company undertakes assignments within surface treatment on all types of steel structures such as bridges, cranes, power plants and industrial structures. As one of the few players in the country, the company also performs spraying with polyurea coatings.


BMO performs everything from inspection dives to major underwater construction work. The company’s divers have expertise and experience in the rehabilitation and casting of concrete, as well as dismantling, remediation and installation of steel and wooden structures under water.

Concrete rehabilitation

BMO Entreprenør AS is today one of Norway’s leading players in rehabilitation of concrete. Within the concrete rehabilitation segment, we have built cutting-edge expertise and an extensive niche-adapted machine and equipment fleet, including a large number of water jet systems and several sub-bridge lifts.

We also have expertise in cathodic protection and have rehabilitated a number of larger bridges, quays and parking garages with this.

Joints and soft asphalt

BMO Entreprenør rehabilitates and installs a number of types of bridge joints, including: Cipec, Transflex, Tensagrip, Olsen joint, asphalt joints and Polyflex. We have the Norwegian agency at Polyflex, this is a new type of joint technology that is maintenance-free, virtually silent and has no mechanical parts.

In addition to asphalt joints, we offer soft asphalt works such as laying membrane (Topeka 4S) and cast asphalt. We also have our own production of membrane and cast asphalt.


BMO Entreprenør performs rehabilitation of infrastructure within process plants, with services such as rehabilitation of concrete, surface treatment of steel and concrete, as well as fire protection.

Operation and maintenance

Since 2011, BMO Entreprenør has had operation and maintenance contracts on ferry quays for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, municipalities and the Port Authority.

BMO Entreprenør

Skrubbmoen 6, 3619 skollenborg, Norway

Contact Persons

Aleksander Rød

Aleksander Rød

Chief Executive Officer

+47 99 46 14 54

Bent Asbjørnhus

Bent Asbjørnhus

VP Projects, BMO Entreprenør

+47 99 42 88 79