Endúr AAK

Endúr AAK is a leading competence environment within access technology. The company has performed tasks with demanding access since 1987, and today has a strong position in everything from wind power and infrastructure to aquaculture, energy and more traditional industry. Our access technicians are certified in accordance with NS-9600 and cover most disciplines.

Sigrunn Monsen
HR Manager / Daglig leder (konstituert)

Wind and hydropower

Endur AAK has provided services to the wind power industry since 2009. The company has performed everything from the installation of offshore wind farms, delivered concept studies, studies and feasibility studies, as well as performed blade changes and repairs, and not least performed service and repair work. As with wind power, large parts of a hydropower plant are rarely available for maintenance. We have developed several methods for inspection of pressure shafts and equipment.

Rigging and lifting

Rigging and lifting operations are one of our foremost disciplines. Our rigs are certified according to O3.2 and also have a certificate in strap and hook-up (G11 / O1.1 + O2.2). In addition, our engineers have expanded practical experience from access and rigging in order to be able to plan complex lifting operations in the best possible way. We have a rich equipment park of lifting equipment, jacking equipment and transport equipment for quick mobilization in our own projects and for rent.

Concrete rehabilitation

We have developed methods for felling / removing old concrete, as well as new methods for grouting. Our methods are based on use of water chiseling with UHP and dry mortar. We also have smart and efficient solutions to ensure personnel access on vertical surfaces, and we use a self-developed mobile work platform - "Travo", to ensure access. Endúr AAK's services within concrete rehabilitation are performed by personnel certified in accordance with NS-EN 1504-9 and NS9600.

FG inspection

AAK performs FG inspection of multidisciplinary personnel, with a focus on rectifying errors, deficiencies and deviations continuously while the inspection team is on site. This reduces the need for further follow-up of the equipment owner, and provides a cost-effective use of time and resources. The inspection is documented with photos, location, action and relevant references.

Mechanical studies

Endúr AAK has broad mechanical competence, and our personnel have a certificate and competence in a number of mechanical subjects, including welders, sheet metal workers, plumbers, engine mechanics and industrial mechanics.


Endúr AAK has an extensive welding activity in the field and in the workshop, with correspondingly large activity with welding qualifications and welding procedures. We weld most methods and material qualities in the field, also using access technology.