Installit is a dynamic provider of solutions and consulting services within the energy and marine industry. The company has a unique professional environment with extensive experience related to project management, engineering and practical implementation of demanding projects and marine operations, and is involved in a number of advanced, international cable operations.

Christine S. Amland
CEO, Installit
Karl H. Beck
Head of Commercial, Installit


Installit provides engineering services to a number of different business areas, with a focus on cable installation, marine operations, aquaculture and other marine industries. The engineering department consists of personnel with both theoretical and operational expertise.

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Project management and operations

Installit offers project management services, including planning, risk management, HSE, quality control and manufacturing follow-up. The company has extensive experience in leading complex projects on- and offshore.

Tender handling and commercial support

Installit offers tender handling for a number of different customers. The company's services range from technical support and method descriptions to market assessment, cost estimation and commercial tender management.

Offshore personnel

Installit serves projects with operators, operations managers and field engineers. We also offer complete teams for marine and nearshore operations and offshore vessels.


Installit continuously designs and develops its own equipment for the marine sector related to subsea operations. Through the partly owned company, Toolpool, we also offer rental of specially adapted equipment, mainly for the installation of subsea cables.

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