Energy Industrier

Endúr Industrier has over 30 years of fabrication experience for the Oil and Gas industry mainly as part of the Fabricom group. Our customers range from O&G Operators, M&M and EPCI companies as well as smaller and larger service companies both in Norway and abroad.

Our goal is to strengthen our position within this market while expanding into fabrication for renewable energy and aquaculture, leveraging our high level of experience and excellent HSE culture.

Core Values

Down to Earth
We are from the west coast. Real and reliable. We do not pretend. We move straight to the target to help customers with their challenges. We act fast and efficiently.

We have long and broad experience. We know what it takes to deliver solutions that customers need. At the same time, we listen to our customers to arrive at the best result

We are proud. We take pride in delivering quality and delivering on time. Good enough is never good enough. We will always be the strongest link in the customer's value chain.

When we say responsible, we mean it!

  • 01

    Zero harm to people and the environment

  • 02

    Proven Safety Record

  • 03

    Certified Quality System

  • 04

    High Ethical Standards

  • 05

    Compliance with laws and regulations

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    Safety Culture


Through our partners we can provide engineering services for the marine, aquaculture, energy and renewables industries. We have access to personnel with advanced theoretical and analytical backgrounds and extensive engineering and operational track records. By combining our experience with the skills provided via our partners competence network, we’re well placed to deliver a wide range of services, and robust solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Our goal is to identify the right people with the right skills, and then to put them together in multidisciplinary project teams that encourage both creativity and innovation. Our objective is always to develop well-crafted concepts in the early phase of a project and in close dialogue with our customers.

Fabrication Workshop

Our fabrication workshop and warehouse are located at the centre of the NorSea base at Dusavik, Stavanger. This allows access to deep water quays and heavy quayside crane capacity.

High Alloy Steel
We have an exclusive workshop for fabrication of high alloy steels with an approximate size of 700 m2 separated from the rest of the workshop. The workshop has an overhead crane capacity of 1x20 tons and a door opening of 8x8m.

Our extensive library of accredited WPQ’s cover’s e.g. Duplex, Super duplex, 316 Stainless steel, Titanium, Copper Nickel, 6Mo, Monel, Aluminium, Carbon steel and Super Austenite.

Carbon Steel
The carbon steel workshop has an approximate size of 1300 m2 separated from the rest of the facility with an overhead crane capacity of 1x50 tons and 1x5 tons and a door opening of 15x10m.

  • 01

    Production, modification and repair of pipe spools and supports

  • 02

    Sub-arc welding of casing and conductors

  • 03

    Fabrication of skids, units and sub-structures

  • 04

    Sea fastening

  • 05

    Pipe bending

  • 06

    Plate cutting and roll forming

  • 07

    Electronic measurement

  • 08


  • 09

    Surface treatment


Our fabrication facilities can handle a variety of materials including, carbon, stainless, titan and duplex. We have a long track record in performing construction services for the oil and gas industry, including machining, NDT and surface protection including fireproofing and insulation. In addition to a wide range of welding machines, our onsite equipment includes advanced cold bending machines and laser measurement equipment.

All work is conducted in accordance with the highest HSE and quality standards including the requirements set forth in the EU Pressure Equipment Directive. Our skilled workforce includes the multidisciplinary competence necessary to undertake interdisciplinary assignments such as process modules and skids.


Together with our sister company Endur AAK we have a long track record in undertaking onshore and offshore installation and maintenance projects involving multidisciplinary competencies.

We are committed to performing projects in the most effective, timely and cost competitive manner. We handle projects from studies, through maintenance to modifications. The highest HSE and quality standards form the basis for all our work.

Many projects in the industry often suffer from a lack of focus on how to install material and equipment. With us, installation planning is a separate field which in professional terms are situated at the interface between theoretical knowledge and practical understanding. Our way of solving installation assignments saves time and expense, as a well-planned job will take less time, require less personnel, take up less resources and be completed over a shorter period.

A well-planned job could yield significant HSE benefits, since early involvement can facilitate comprehensive safety considerations in equipment design and method selection.

Past projects include expansion and upgrading of existing facilities such as pipe spool installation, installation of drilling equipment, flare stack replacement, welding, changeout of gratings and railings and rigging and skidding of equipment.