Aker BP has awarded Endúr Fabricom contract for Mechanical Maintenance

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Valhall by Aker BP

Endúr Fabricom, it is very pleased with the award and prides itself on the trust Aker BP shows the company with this contract. Fabricom has previously performed work for Aker BP on Alvheim, and considers Aker BP as a strategically important client.

Endúr Fabricom’s services under the contract cover all fields in operation where Aker BP is an operator. The scope includes onshore work for construction, prefabrication, repair and overhaul of static mechanical equipment, sandblasting and paint, pressure testing facilities and leak testing. The scope also includes offshore installation under the supervision of Aker BP’s maintenance department.

– The award is a confirmation that Endúr’s long-standing experience and quality in mechanical engineering is still competitive in a highly competitive market. We are looking forward to address this cooperation with Aker BP in the future, «says Endur Fabricom’s CEO, Mikal Løvik.

The duration of the contract is three years plus two options for one year each.




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